Rogers Internet Down in Ontario, Canada...
...and it makes me upset! No quotes from "Baby Shower" yet, but definitely join the discussion in the episode conference room.

To fill you in on my status, I'm still hoping to get some of the best quotes up tonight but unfortunately my ISP, Rogers, is having serious downtime across most of my province (that's right, I'm Canadian.)

Soo terrible! I taped their recording saying the Internet is down! Kind of upset, they say they will be providing timely updates to the status but the recording hasn't changed in three hours. Bad timing for tonight! :P

Amazing episode though today... Michael and Holly! Amazing. Talk to you guys soon... hang in there and check out the Conference Room for episode discussion!

Update: Seems like Internet has been improving... I've been able to get a few quotes up but the rest will have to wait until Friday. Sorry for the delay folks! -Marc
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