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Angela: I can't. Sprinkles is sick.
[cut to interview]
Angela: She 's been sick for some time--thank you for asking. No one asks, about Sprinkles.
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Angela: Dwight, I thought I knew what I wanted. And then, being here with you, and the German Mennonite minister... it just all felt right. I made a mistake picking Andy.
Dwight Schrute: I know you did. And that's why I have taken care of everything.
Angela: What do you mean?
Dwight Schrute: Well Monkey, he's a real minister. And you said, "I do." And I said, "I do." And Andy wasn't signing a receipt; he was signing our marriage certificate as a witness.
Angela: Dwight! That doesn't count!
Dwight Schrute: Yes, of course it does.
Angela: No, it doesn't!
Dwight Schrute: It does in the state of Pennsylvania. [chuckling] Mrs. Schrute!
Angela: We are not married.
Dwight Schrute: Wha--
Angela: Take this thing [takes off twine ring and throws it at Dwight]
Dwight Schrute: It's not my fault you don't understand German; I've been telling you to take it for years!
Andy: Are we, uh, are we leaving or what? [Mose hits Andy in the head with a ball]
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Jim Halpert: Dwight's room key... And Dwight's room. What can I say? Old habits die hard
[Jim enters Dwight's room, seeing a woman lying on the bed but not recognizing Angela]
Angela: Dwighty?
Jim Halpert: [runs out of room] Oh my God! Dwight got a hooker! God, I got to call... I gotta call somebody. I don't know who to call! ...Dwight got a hooker!
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Angela: This friend of mine, let's call her Noel. She missed this deadline, turning something into corporate in New York! But then this gallant gentleman, we'll call him Kurt. He drove all the way to New York and handed it in for her. Because I don't know he just really likes her a lot.
Pam Beesly: Well that's great.
Angela: Yes, it is!
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Pam Beesly: Hello everyone. We would just like to announce that our party is starting now in the break room. So, come by--
Angela: I have a really important announcement to make. About. Your paychecks. Um... your paychecks will be arriving, as scheduled, on Friday. And they will be in the correct amount, that they normally are in. Please stand by for a very important announcement, further, regarding your paycheck! [runs out of the room]
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Andy: Go tell them I am floating away, obviously!
Angela: I don't understand what you want from me.
Andy: Angela it's pretty simple. Look at what I am doing and go tell somebody it! [In sumo wrestler costume floating on his back.]
Angela: Sorry! Bye, Andy! [Walking away]
Andy: Angela!
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Oscar: We should all make sure to give him a big tip this Christmas.
Toby: Sorry guys but I don't think I tipped him for last year's.
Angela: No neither did I.
Phyllis: Jim was supposed to collect it.
Jim Halpert: [long awkward pause] Yep.
Kevin: Way to go man.
Kelly: Now he's never gonna come.
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Dwight Schrute: Here's another place. [shows Angela and Andy into another barn]
Angela: It's beautiful.
Andy: Heyo!
Dwight Schrute: So, why don't we try this out. She what would happen, give it a little test drive. What do you say? [points to Andy] You pretend to be Angela's father. You will be Angela, and [to Andy] I'll pretend to be you so you can see what it looks like when you're up here.
[Andy walks Angela up to the front, whistling]
Angela: Hello, I'm Angela Martin and [pointing to Dwight]--
Andy: I'm Andy.
Dwight Schrute: He doesn't understand a word you're saying. Although born just minutes from here, he speaks only German. Closed society. So, now, after the readings by all of your sisters, we will arrive at the vows so, comrade [starts speaking German to the minister and the minister begins speaking in German] And away we go. This is a little taste of the ceremony, if you will. He's explaining why we're here, what we're doing here, making introductions, blah blah blah... Then he's gonna have Andy repeat a bunch of stuff. He's gonna ask Andy to produce a ring. I have uh, now just uh... just some twine for our purposes, and you will put the ring on her finger. Yadda yadda, then he's going to ask Andy, uh, if he would like to marry Angela. And you will reply, "I do." And then he's going to ask Angela if she would like to marry Andy, to which you will reply...
Angela: I do.
Dwight Schrute: And there we go. Okay, and that's just about it. Man and wife.
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Angela: No. No, you know what? This is not a party planning committee anymore. And I don't want your foot money and I feel uncomfortable participating.
Michael Scott: Phyllis. Can you do this?
Phyllis: [pause] Yes.
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