Angela Quotes From The Office

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Angela I'm not moving the tree, face it. The only power you have over me is this little secret that I know you're not going to tell. Oh, and you want to know how I know that? Because then you wont be able to plan your stupid, tacky parties anymore. So you move the tree.
Phyllis Okay... [to the office] Angela's having sex with Dwight! I caught them doing it after Toby's going-away party.
[silence, everyone looks toward Dwight]
Dwight Schrute [sarcastically] Well don't look so surprised.
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Angela: The very best of luck to you Dwight.
Dwight Schrute: Thank you Angela.
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Michael Scott: Right here, we have the wonder twins, Jim and Pam Halpert. They will be assisting you today.
Donna: You look exactly alike!
Pam Halpert: Oh, no! We're actually married, we're not brother and sister.
Donna: I have a sense about these things.
Jim Halpert: Alright!
Donna: You have some ancestors in common... somewhere back!
Angela: I knew it! You should see their baby.
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Michael Scott: What um, what do you think of role play?
Phyllis: It can be fun.
Michael Scott: Yeah? Well, Jan has this school girl fantasy.
Phyllis: That's a pretty common one.
Michael Scott: I just, I feel uncomfortable wearing the dress.
Angela: Okay, I'm gonna be at the doll store.
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Oscar: I'll look on Web MD. What are your symptoms?
Angela: Oh everybody, Oscar found a reason to look on Web MD.
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Angela: No. No, you know what? This is not a party planning committee anymore. And I don't want your foot money and I feel uncomfortable participating.
Michael Scott: Phyllis. Can you do this?
Phyllis: [pause] Yes.
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Michael Scott: Can I have your attention! I would like to introduce you to Mr. Danny Cordrea. He is going to be joining us, as our new Travelling Salesman. Say hello to Danny!
Kelly: F*** me.
Michael Scott: Oh. Kay. You know what? No! No. This is not some sort of construction site, for all of Italy! Where you can just go around treating people like meat. We are to respect him. I respect him, because he reminds me of somebody. Can anybody guess who that is?
Kelly: [dreamily] Josh Duhamel.
Angela: Yeah I can see that!
Michael Scott: No! No. Somebody in this office.
Kevin: He's like a better-looking Andy.
Andy: Thanks Kevin.
Michael Scott: No, me. Right? Sorta like, a little younger version of me?
Oscar: It's hard to judge ourselves accurately isn't it.
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Michael Scott: [laughing, taking over from Jim] That was good. Ok, alright. Well, we all know it's hard to be a boss, right? You know what? Look around you. These are your best friends. These are the people! Who will open their hearts, to you. They, all, have heart-ons for you. [Angela gives a sigh of disgust off camera] And that is a gift. So in terms of gifts, we should be giving each other gifts. Angela, yes, lend Oscar a cup of sugar.
Angela: What are you talking about! Michael!
Stanley: We just need to hear your plan for our raise.
Michael Scott: My plan... A man. Panama.
Andy: That's not how that goes.
Meredith: You're not saying anything. At least Jim was being direct--
Jim Halpert: Thank you, Meredith.
Meredith: When he was telling us his dumb-ass plan.
Oscar: We would just like to know what's happening. Are we getting a raise. Yes, or no.
Michael Scott: Alright let me get this clear. Does everybody want a raise?
Everyone: Yes!
Michael Scott: Alright everyone wants a raise so what we're going to do is go into here, and we will not come out until we do.
Oscar: Again that gives us no information.
Phyllis: [as Jim and Michael enter the conference room] This isn't a game you know it's our livelihoooood!
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