Pam Quotes From The Office

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Pam's friend: I am an ESL teacher.
Michael Scott: Really? See, I didn't think you could teach that. I thought that was something you were born with. What am I thinking right now.
Pam's friend: Are you thinking that I said ESP?
Michael Scott: Yes. Ah I feel like an idiot. Awesome.
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Dwight Schrute: [picks up pencil between his toes]
Jim Halpert: Why?
Dwight Schrute: Twenty minutes a day Jim, that's all it takes. Twenty minutes a day, all feet, no hands and I'll have the pedi-dexterity of a chimp, and you'll be sitting there like an idiot. [attempts to place pencil in pencil sharpener] Okay. Here we go. Ah, yes. [accidentally kicks items from his desk onto Pam's]
Pam Beesly: Do you mind?
Dwight Schrute: I'm sorry Pam, allow me to write you an apology letter.
Pam Beesly: You don't have to do that.
Dwight Schrute: [typing with his toes] D-E-A. Oop, backspace. A. Dear.
Jim Halpert: [whistling, places cup of coffee onto Dwight's desk] Ahh, Thank you hands. Nothing else in the universe can do what you do.
Dwight Schrute: [lifts cup up with toes]
Jim Halpert: Oh, don't worry about it. Dwight, its okay. You were wrong.
Dwight Schrute: [spills hot coffee on himself] Uhh, aah!
Jim Halpert: Well, A for effort right?
Dwight Schrute: [taps Jim's hand with his foot]
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Michael Scott: Ok. We need, a golden ticket idea idea, to get us out of this mess.
Pam Beesly: Does that mean an idea that blows up in our faces later?
Jim Halpert: Good one.
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Michael Scott: Right here, we have the wonder twins, Jim and Pam Halpert. They will be assisting you today.
Donna: You look exactly alike!
Pam Halpert: Oh, no! We're actually married, we're not brother and sister.
Donna: I have a sense about these things.
Jim Halpert: Alright!
Donna: You have some ancestors in common... somewhere back!
Angela: I knew it! You should see their baby.
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Pam Beesly: Hey Ryan!
Ryan: [walks in typing to Blackberry] Hello, one second. [returns to blackberry] Hey Pam it's great to see you is Michael in?
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Michael Scott: I was probably gonna break up with her anyway.
Pam Beesly: Oh. That's too bad.
Michael Scott: Pam it is very complicated. There are a lot of moving parts here--
Jim Halpert: Sounds complicated.
Pam Beesly: Yeah but I mean if you really like this person then you should see where it goes.
Michael Scott: You want me to be happy?
Pam Beesly: Of course.
Michael Scott: Part of the problem is, she is the mother of a close friend of my. More than a friend, a co-worker.
Pam Beesly: Oh. Gossip! Who is it? Who is it!
[Michael stares at Pam]
Pam Beesly: [still excited] Who is it Michael?
[Michael nods]
Pam Beesly: Who...
Michael Scott: It's okay.
Pam Beesly: No no no no no. No. Oh my God! Oh my God! [walks out of the office screaming] Nooooooooooooo!!
[cut to talking head]
Michael Scott: That could have gone one of two ways. But I never expected her to get upset.
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