The Office Season Finale Quotes
"Company Picnic" the Season 5 Finale of The Office has received a warm response. It has certainly left me feeling satisfied after a terrific season of The Office.

The quotes from last night's season 5 finale have been posted so be sure to check them out and vote for your favorites. A quick registration means you can like quotes to give them the respect they deserve, as well as mark quotes as your favorite for your own enjoyment or to share and compare with others!

The NBC Store has just released Dunder Mifflin Picnic T-Shirts from the episode as well! A fantastic souvenir, you have the choice of the red Team Scranton shirt, or the cool, black New York Corporate shirt. I will be choosing the latter!

One side note: A very special thank you this week to Mary Altman and her company for the enthusiasm and support, especially in getting The Office Quotes in Your Inbox sent out!
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