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Date Joined: January 22nd, 2009

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Favorite character on the show is Michael. Perfect comedic acting/delivery.

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Posted in Season 5 - Casual Friday May 2nd, 2009
That opener with Kevin was amazing!
Posted in Season 5 - Two Weeks March 26th, 2009
Pretty weak episode. Hopefully this story arc is resolved by the end of the season.
Posted in Season 5 - New Boss March 20th, 2009
That "classy" opening has to be one of the best so far.
Posted in Season 3 - Phyllis' Wedding March 15th, 2009
That is pungent, haha! His acting is so awesome there, it gets me every time. This is a solid Michael Scott episode with him going through a wide range of emotions. The bitterness he harbors toward Elbert is great. Good deleted scenes, too. Especially that look when he's unenthusiastically messing with that chair-elevator for the stairs (not sure what those are called?).
Posted in Season 5 - Blood Drive March 7th, 2009
This was a pretty tightly written episode. Solid. It took a lot for me to keep my drink from coming out my nose when Michael talks to the tool and die repair guy, haha! So good. I bet there's some killer deleted scenes for this one.

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