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Real Name: Marc Tytus


Date Joined: January 31st, 2008

About Me

Oh hi! My name is Marc.

I started back in Season 1 to have a place that stored all the quotes from the show that I would be repeating to friends. Quotes being verbatim is very important to me.

If something's not working right or you have a question about why the heck you can't do something, write me a nasty email! (Positive emails also accepted.)

Hit me up on Facebook or email.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for being a member of this community!

Cheers to you!

5 Latest Comments

Posted in Season 8 - Tallahassee June 28th, 2012
Good episode, I missed The Office's office though.
Posted in Season 8 - Christmas Wishes December 8th, 2011
Robert nailed Black Eyed Peas haha
Posted in Season 7 - Search Committee May 21st, 2011
Hey, is was the season finale right? I think they were just having some fun (with cameos from really big actors) for the finale. I don't think any of them were actual considerations? We have nooo clue where the next season will start (maybe the writers probably aren't even sure yet) so it could start off with the decision of who is the boss, but I doubt it. They could totally take the show in an entirely different direction, now that Steve Carell is gone, and they might just do that to not have to even HAVE a "Michael Scott replacement". I just took the episode joke-by-joke and didn't play up the consequences of actually interviewing these people, or whatever... Those are just my thoughts on it.
Posted in Season 7 - Michael's Last Dundies April 21st, 2011
Some funny stuff. Off the top of my head:
Jim: [straightly] "I just don't find it that interesting."
ah, And Erin being so cold without even realizing it. I was laughing until Darryl made me realize Gabe is a real guy with feelings!
poor Toby: it was funny that he brought up the Scranton strangler case again, but I think his character deserved more from the writers. He is not craving attention or whatever..
Posted in Season 7 - Garage Sale March 27th, 2011
Yes! Kevin nailed it with Dallas :)

What an incredible episode! It could have easily been the season finale%u2014for the caliber of episode I wouldn't have minded if it was the series finale. Best. Proposal. Ever. Holly walking down all the staff was so memorable and then the fire alarm. The whole episode was perfect, I thought. The Office has changed since the first season but it's evolved and matured, and it's something pretty special now, I think. Good on The Office! :)

Inbox (Comments from other users)

Posted by: cooldude     February 15th, 2008
Hey dude, I thought it would be a good idea for people to be able to see who submitted a quote... like my sweet one on the episode page.... you know what I mean? Also I dont think the quote count is working cause it was l337 before my quote was added
Posted by:      February 18th, 2008
hey marc:
I noticed an overlap along your top border (Notice:undefined variable, etc...) when looking on your's or cooldude's profile page...hope this helps...
Posted by: marc     February 18th, 2008
There seems to be an issue with your username. Thanks for bringing forward the issue! We should have it working very soon :)

If you happen to read this, you can email me at and copy and paste the error message you're getting there.
Posted by: howeirdd     February 18th, 2008
yep, no problemo :)
Posted by: marc     February 22nd, 2008
Again, to that unknown user... email me that error message you're getting! You are the lost Office fan and I can't find you!
Posted by: cooldude     March 7th, 2008
Hello, my armani quote is showing up twice in my submitted quotes
Posted by: airbud     March 15th, 2008
Hello there, I am sure that the function works, i just didnt know it existed!
Posted by: pager22     March 15th, 2008
Marc- It's possible that this will be completely random to you, haha, but I've just been looking around, enjoying the wonder that is this site, and have run into so many typos. Not a big deal? I know. I'm anal. But I guess I was just thinking I would put myself forward to be an editor for you... Again, if this is weird, o-well. I just thought I would throw that out there. If you're interested you can email me at

Posted by: cooldude     April 10th, 2008
Yikes, marc, might want to take down paiges email!

What does "sort by last added first mean" :P
Posted by: cooldude     April 12th, 2008
Teenracers quote is showing up under the pilot episode if you look under his submitted quotes.

I was thinking maybe you should start a trivia tab or something for the next episodes? You could put stuff like Jans old assistant hunter has a CD called "The Hunter" haha
Posted by: cooldude     April 16th, 2008
I said his cd was called the hunter...
Posted by: cooldude     May 3rd, 2008
There doesn't seem to be a spot to submit quotes?
Posted by: kiwi     May 14th, 2008
Can we keep this clean? (see last comment in Job Fair)
Posted by: kiwi     May 15th, 2008
Not a problem! Thank you for feeling the same way!
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     May 19th, 2008
hey I've put serveral quotes from both goodbye toby and season 1 but it only has had 1 comment posted. Why is that?
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     June 16th, 2008
hey I think my Angela/Andy quote got put on the wrong episode it is on the Pilot but clearly actually happened on Goodbye Toby
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     June 26th, 2008
Dude if you want me to do that I could. I just jump on here when I'm bored at work which is quite frequently.
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     July 3rd, 2008
I don't have your email address. I would be up for that though. I know it's probably a lot of work but it's kinda fun reading the quotes. It's almost like watching the episodes all over again
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     July 15th, 2008
Hey Marc did you figure out how to make it so i could do that? Let me know man
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     July 23rd, 2008
Marc do you ever get on?
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     July 29th, 2008
So when should I plan on being able to do that? No I don't have AIM or messenger
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     July 30th, 2008
I sent you an email
Posted by: cooldude     August 15th, 2008
Jim Halpert: Would you do me a favor and get my Ryan?
Pam Beesley: Absolutely. [hands Jim the phone]
Jim Halpert: Went to voicemail. Hey, Ryan. It's Jim. You know what? Totally disregard that last voicemail because you obviously have your hands tied. Good luck!

Shouldn't it be "get ME ryan"?
Posted by: cooldude     August 15th, 2008
PS stop telling people to "shoot me an email" ;-P
Posted by: LordRupertEverton     August 25th, 2008
I totally understand Marc. I'm excited for season 4 dvds coming out a week from tomorrow. I'm finally on season 3 I've been watching all the episodes in order to get ready for it. One month from today it's back on!! I can't wait!
Posted by: Payno     December 19th, 2008
Hey Marc, I just wanted to ask you if it was okay if I put The Office Quotes site on a Facebook group I made called True Office Fans. If you want me to take it off I could, I just wasn't sure if that was okay. Thanks!
Posted by: Payno     December 27th, 2008
It's, it's long ik. Just so you know, it's not like a super huge fan club, most of the people joined are just some friends. We litterally only have like 5 members, lol. It's just somthing I decided to for fun ;)
Posted by: hermyfan     April 10th, 2009
Everything's pretty good. It seems like there's more space or something comehow. It's good. :-)
Posted by: Jessica     April 10th, 2009
hey marc the site looks great! i noticed the updates great job.
its hard to believe you can maintain this site and 500 days blog

catch ya on twitter
Posted by: bigtuna     April 13th, 2009
Long time no talk mate!
Posted by: abreading     April 24th, 2009
thanks bro! got in!
Posted by: Chopper     October 9th, 2009
Thanks Brother! I'm living on the edge of a Quote-free Friday, and I dunno if I'm going to make it!!! :o)
Posted by: Josefina     March 26th, 2010
hey marc. i like the changes in new set-up on the site.

didnt get to watch the episode, was up all night working on a prez ...anyways good work :)
Posted by: acurrie     May 3rd, 2010
hey marc!!!!!!! omg you are really hot, like really really hot, can i get your number and stuff? i'd really like to meet you in RL sometime you're the jim to my pam
Posted by: dundermifflinate     October 28th, 2010
Hey Marc, it's Nathan. Tonight's the new episode. Am I still up for the position?
Posted by: dundermifflinity     March 16th, 2011
Hey man, just wanted to say this is a pretty sweet site. I have been an Office fan from the start and love everything about it. I have decided to post a new quotes every day on my fbook and this site has definitely been a HUGE help finding some help when my repertoire runs dry.
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