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Real Name: Ellie :-)


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Date Joined: August 8th, 2008

About Me

The Office is (To quote Prison Mike) freakin' AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE the show. io have been watching since the Fall of 2007 so over 2 whole years now! I own all the DVD's (which I watch over and over and over again). It's just (to quote Kelly) AMAZING!

I have seen every episode of the show in the day it came out since Money.

I'm a member of various internet Office clubs (here, DMI, More Than That, officequotes.net,)

JAM is completely AMAZING!

Fav Characters-I honestly have no idea at the time... they're all amazing

Fav Episode- Season 1-Health Care and Diversity Day
Season 2- Office Olympics, The Client, and The Injury, (all tied)
Season 3-The Return
Season 4-Fun Run and Money (tied)
Season 5-Stress Relief
Season 6-Murder (so far)

Besides being obsessed with The Office I LOVE Harry Potter (those are my two obsesseions). And if you've seen A Very Potter Musical then you are TOTALLY AWESOME! I hate Twilight. I go to school. I have freinds. I talk to people. I love sleeping. i play piano and clarinet. I'm eternally bored. I share my birthday with Creed (NOVEMBER 1st ROCKS!). And that's about it...... lol


5 Latest Comments

Posted in Season 6 - Manager and Salesman February 12th, 2010
Awesome episode.... I do not like Jo Bennet. She's really been creeping me out...... Andy and Erin are so adorable!!!!!! Dwight was amazing, and so was Ryan..... "we provided the shovel" hahahha
Posted in Season 6 - Sabre February 5th, 2010
That episode was so weird... but I love it. Jim...... was.... just..... wow. Michael was amazing and so was Dwight. Andy and Erin are so cute :-) David Wallace has gone completely insane.
Posted in Season 6 - Scotts Tots December 4th, 2009
That was just..... um wow. I laughed so hard..... and I was just cringing when Michael said he couldn't pay. Stanley was AMAZING! Everyone was being so mean to Jim!!!!!! It was so sad... but then David was being nice when Dwight was listening to the pen. i laughed so hard. :-)
Posted in Season 6 - Stakeholder Meeting November 22nd, 2009
This episode was.... interesting..... hahaha I loved Jim so much. He was AMAZING!
Posted in Season 6 - Murder November 13th, 2009
Oh my God.... I loved this episode SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! It was HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard........ this season's been so amazing..... it's great. :-)

Inbox (Comments from other users)

Posted by: abutterflykiss99     September 25th, 2008
Yes I LOVE Jim and Pam. I was so anxious all summer after rumors that Jim and Pam wouldnt make it, but now theyre ENGAGED!!!!!!!
Posted by: hermyfan     September 26th, 2008
OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     November 13th, 2008
Holy Crap! I went through about 20 of your quotes, but we'll see how many I get through later! I love the Michael women's suit quote, though.
Posted by: hermyfan     November 13th, 2008
Yeah, there's a lot in there... a lot... some better than others, but all pretty good
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     December 22nd, 2008
MNI wasn't working for you??? That is terribly sad! But I just got your message, so it's working now. I just answered on MNI, so talk to you later!
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     December 22nd, 2008
Hmmm...That's really weird! As long as it's working now, though!
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     January 30th, 2009
I'm so gllad MTT ended up working for you! I just PMed you there. My parents will probably kick me out at like 10. But I might try to sneak downstairs and watch my recording later.
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     January 31st, 2009
Yeah, it ends at 10:30. unfortunately, there is no way I'll be able to see it all. I'll either sneak downstairs and watch my DVR at 1, or I'll have to watch it after school on Monday. The 'rents only watch if me ore my sister is watching already.
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     February 1st, 2009
Wow, the Office is like a family event for you! Michael is definitely hard to watch sometimes. Is naive-ness just makes you cringe.
Posted by: marc     April 10th, 2009
Hey Hermy, so how do you like the new layout and everything?
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