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Real Name: Maggie


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Date Joined: June 8th, 2008

About Me

I love the Office! Obviously, or else I wouldn't spend most of my time on here. I also belong to DMI and More Than That and Mugglenet. As hermyfan already knows, I'm Horcrux3000 on MNI!

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Posted in Season 5 - Company Picnic May 14th, 2009
HOLY CRAP!!!!! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! It is the best JAM moment ever!!!!!!
Posted in Season 5 - Heavy Competition April 17th, 2009
Yes, the absence of Dwight's short-sleeved mustard yellow shirt was slightly depressing, but I loved the episode! And we did get some "wedding planning" so that was good. Man, cheese puffs are never going to be the same...
I was watching the episode on my DVR, so I started to fast-forward through the credits and just hum the song to myself. But then I looked at the TV and different pictures were going by, so I had to rewind and watch it. I don't think they're going to keep those credits, remember when they had new credits for one episode earlier in the season and then never used them again? Andy and Dwight singing completely made my day.
Posted in Season 5 - Dream Team April 11th, 2009
Yeah, I really don't like the Charles/Jim conflict either. I would just love for Charles to like Jim and move on to a different storyline in the office. And who else wanted to smack Ryan when he said, "How much do you make, secretary?"
Posted in Season 5 - New Boss March 20th, 2009
Wow....I am going to say classy as much as possible now. Michael will definitely be back, but when?

Inbox (Comments from other users)

Posted by: hermyfan     November 11th, 2008
Hey!!!!!!!!!! i thought you might be here because you mentioned getting your Office quotes the day Weight Loss came out. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I'm making you one of my friends now.
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     November 12th, 2008
Yeah! It's so funny knowing the same people from both sites!
Posted by: hermyfan     November 12th, 2008
Weird! How did you know it was me???? Did you just use the username and connect that they're the same???? Hermyfan could have been another person you know.
Posted by: ILoveJimHalpert     November 12th, 2008
I looked at the name and I obviously knew you from MNI. Since we were both in the Office club on MNI, I just decided to wing it!
Posted by: hermyfan     November 12th, 2008
Well it worked! lol I love your fav quotes by the way. You should read mine... but only if you have about 5 or 6 hours of free teim. I have more quotes in my favorites than I can count, but they're all good.
Posted by: hermyfan     December 22nd, 2008
Hey!!!! MNI isn't working on my computer (or maybe its not working at all) but I wanted to answer your owl and I can't on MNI, so I will here. Plus I NEED to talk about The Office with someone..... because of my Obsession... :-) lol

I've looked through all the JAMfiction on MTT and read a ton of amazing fics.... I'll give you some links to my favs if I find them again, but now I have no JAMfiction to read and there's no new episodes and I'm going to freak out!!!! I might take your idea and watch all the episodes in order, but i don't think I have the self control to not skip some of the episodes that don't do so well in the JAM department (Booze Cruise, several in season 3, and some others). I'm going crazy!!!!!
Posted by: hermyfan     December 22nd, 2008
it was the weirdest thing!!! I tried a billion times to get on and it didn't work , but then about maybe 5 minutes after I posted that it started working again..... it was so weird...
Posted by: hermyfan     January 30th, 2009
Hey Maggie, guess what..... MTT doesn't work either......... but luckily we have 4 different websites that we know eachotehr on, making it possible to still talk to you. I think the MTT thing is just a temporary thing so I'll try later.

lol this is so annoying! But anyway, I'm so watching the whole episode, even if my parents say I can't I will.... no one stops me from watching a new Office episode (or even a rerun for that matter) I'm getting so excited for it.... it's going to be SOOOOOOO awesome!!!!!
Posted by: hermyfan     January 30th, 2009
It ends at 10:30 for you right????? Just tell your parents you HAVE to see this. Do your parents watch the show at all?
Posted by: hermyfan     February 1st, 2009
That sucks. i guess I only like to watch because my parents actually like the show and will be watching too. My mom was actually the one who started everything by getting my little brother sort of into it which led to me becoming obsessed lol and my dad will watch but doesn't like to see to much of Michael.
Posted by: hermyfan     February 1st, 2009
Yeah it sort of is. I'm the one that knows all the information about all the episodes though. And I'm the one who is ALWAYS willing to discuss it. lol
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