The Office Season 6 - Sabre

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marc February 4th, 2010
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Here's the synopsis of Sabre with a side of Scranton hotdogs: When Sabre comes in to take over Dunder Mifflin, Michael struggles to accept Sabre's new policies. Pam and Jim have an interview for a local daycare they really want to get into. Andy and Erin work on a welcome song for Sabre as Erin waits for Andy to ask her out. Kathy Bates guest stars.
FatHalpert February 5th, 2010
0 votes
Hilarious episode! I'm just so happy the office is back!! :D
hermyfan February 5th, 2010
0 votes
That episode was so weird... but I love it. Jim...... was.... just..... wow. Michael was amazing and so was Dwight. Andy and Erin are so cute :-) David Wallace has gone completely insane.
marc February 5th, 2010
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Oh my goodness. Why do the writers love to have seemingly well-set characters go insane? (Think Jan Levinson.) Michael was pretty quick to pick up on something being not right with David.

"I think we're gonna go outside actually. Yeah, outside? Outside. Let's go outside."
creedismyhero March 17th, 2010
0 votes
i just llove the way he caught the scissors
JaydeLynn08 May 21st, 2010
0 votes
What the heck happened to David Wallace?????? Its hilarious anyway X-D
ZaPistol November 3rd, 2010
0 votes
The scissors thing was hilarious! lol
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