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Real Name: Sydney


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Date Joined: May 9th, 2008

About Me

I'm THE Office Fan of my Grade! I totally stand up for this show whenever my friends tease me about it...becuz i talk about it all the time ;-)

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Posted in Season 6 - Gossip September 17th, 2009
My day has been made. Ultimately. Kevin was making me laugh out loud. :D
Posted in Season 5 - Company Picnic May 14th, 2009
Ah I can't wait till I get to watch this! Unfortuently I have softball practice, and won't be able to see it untill tomorrow!
Posted in Season 5 - Cafe Disco May 8th, 2009
Yes yes yes!!! A great happy episode! as much as I love The Office, I was getting really sad when Micheal left and the Scranton branch sorta fell apart. This episode sort of tied it all back together. Like a hillarious bandaid of sorts :)
Posted in Season 5 - Heavy Competition April 23rd, 2009
I love the cheesepuff thing! That was awesome! The whole episode made me laugh, but I really wish Charles would go fall down a well. Him and his un-fun work enviroment. I wish I could've watched it when it aired Thursday, but I had softball practice-and the whole time i was thinking-I wonder whats going on with my favorite T.V show ever...
Posted in Season 5 - Two Weeks March 27th, 2009
holey crud. why! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!! i want to throw that charles minor guy down a frickin well!

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Posted by: marc     December 27th, 2008
Hey Sydney! Definitely it's ok! Thanks for wanting to share the site :)

What's the URL for the group? I'd love to join.
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