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Real Name: Aaron

Website: http://www.myspace.com/blackburn_rovers_fan

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Date Joined: November 6th, 2008

About Me

I started watching the office when it first aired...I had been watching the british version before that...I have probably seen every episode about 20 to 30 times each :)

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Posted in Season 5 - Broke April 25th, 2009
[calling from the Michael Scott Paper Company delivery van]
Michael Scott: Hellooo! Time to make the donuts! Oh Halpert! Wow! Butter patrol. Arrest that man! Your donuts make me go nuts!

It isn't butter patrol...It's boner patrol! lol
this line was funny but kevin made it hilarious:

im Halpert: Hey, dude. Do you know what a rundown is?
Oscar: Use it in a sentence.
Jim Halpert: Uh... can you get this rundown for me?
Oscar: Try another sentence.
Jim Halpert: This rundown better be really good?
Oscar: I don't know but it sounds like the rundown's really important.
Jim Halpert: Charles asked me to do this rundown of all my clients.
Oscar: Why don't you just ask him, what--
Jim Halpert: No, I can't it was like hours ago.
Oscar: What have you been doing?!
Kevin: Try another sentence.
Posted in Season 3 - The Negotiation November 6th, 2008
best quote from this episode by far!

Toby: This may be the first time that a male subordinate has attempted to get a modest, scheduled raise by threatening to withhold sex from a female superior. It will be a groundbreaking case when it inevitably goes to trial.
Posted in Season 4 - The Deposition November 6th, 2008
this was the best quote in this episode by far!

Court reporter: [reading transcript] Mr. Scott do you realize you just contradicted yourself. I did? Yes you did. Can I go to the bathroom? No. I really have to I've been drinking lots of water. You went five minutes ago. That wasn't to go to the bathroom that was to get out of a question. You still have to answer it. First can I go to the bathroom. No.
Posted in Season 2 - The Injury November 6th, 2008
the cold opener for this episode is the best followed very closely with fun run

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Posted by: marc     April 24th, 2009
Hey Aaron! I hope you get back in ok :)
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