The Office Season 4 - The Deposition

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bigtuna March 12th, 2008
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Wow - Micheal really loves dunder mifflin
MaggieK March 13th, 2008
+1 vote
It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think this is mine:

He asked for a line, like in a play.
iluvjim22 April 13th, 2008
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i love when mishels like "i think its cuz of the twins.....they hang off m'lady's chest....they make milk" SO FUNNY
trayy August 19th, 2008
0 votes
I personally think Jim is so cute for trying so hard to play ping pong. "spin serve!" and I think Michael's journal entries are hilarious.
abreading November 6th, 2008
+1 vote
this was the best quote in this episode by far!

Court reporter: [reading transcript] Mr. Scott do you realize you just contradicted yourself. I did? Yes you did. Can I go to the bathroom? No. I really have to I've been drinking lots of water. You went five minutes ago. That wasn't to go to the bathroom that was to get out of a question. You still have to answer it. First can I go to the bathroom. No.
dwightrules January 10th, 2012
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SUCH A GOOD EPISODE! the freaked out look on Ryan's face when he reads the diary! and how Michael just pushes Toby's lunch tray off the table!oh and when Michael says * you expect to get screwed by your company. you don't expect to get screwed by your girlfiend.* Amen Michael!
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