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Real Name: Max


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Date Joined: February 4th, 2008

About Me

Just another fan of The Office.

5 Latest Comments

Posted in Season 6 - The Delivery March 5th, 2010
Totally awesome, Dwight's a playa!
Posted in Season 5 - Broke April 23rd, 2009
Ah pretty good episode overall, a lot of plot development for sure! I don't think it was one of the funniest, but Micheal definitely kicked ass at negotiating with wallace!
Posted in Season 5 - Heavy Competition April 18th, 2009
killer episode!
Yeah it seems like the first episode went into setting up the second one perfectly. I laughed out lout at Dwight and Andy's guitar duo!
Posted in Season 5 - New Boss March 19th, 2009
Hey everyone! Sounds like an awesome episode eh? I'm doing the quotes for Marc this week since he's giving up his time for charity. Might be a little bit slower because I'm new at this, but hang tight the quotes are coming.

Inbox (Comments from other users)

Posted by: marc     February 12th, 2008
Hey max! You know you are great! Thanks for alllllll your help :)
Posted by: fashionshowatlunch     February 24th, 2008
haha i know.. i almost didn't register because of it. i hate you.
Posted by: marc     March 6th, 2008
can't wait for the new ep!!
Posted by: cooldude     March 8th, 2008
My name was going to be bigtuna but you took iti already, then i registered this name. I forgot about bighaircut
Posted by: marc     April 4th, 2008
April Fools! Wish Adagio had some sort of commenting system.
Posted by: FatHalpert     February 5th, 2010
Where you at! Jim Halpert! Fatttt Halpert!
Posted by: FatHalpert     March 26th, 2010
Thanks for your little comment :DD Come say hi in the conference room!!
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