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Real Name: Rich


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Date Joined: February 4th, 2008

About Me

I am probably the coolest dude you'll ever know!

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Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief February 4th, 2009
Well I guess Phyllis didn't roast him AND Michael didn't roast her in return...
Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief February 3rd, 2009
OH and did anyone notice that the opening was different!?
Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief February 3rd, 2009
Anyone notice that Phyllis wasn't roasted?
Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief February 1st, 2009
Agreed. Best episode ever. The opening was hilarious!
Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief January 31st, 2009
WHAT!?!? AN OFFICE ON A SUNDAY!?! What's next? Pam and Jim break up? YEAH RIGHT!

Inbox (Comments from other users)

Posted by: marc     February 14th, 2008
Oh so I'm not your friend eh?
Posted by: marc     February 18th, 2008
Hey the 1337 quote thing was just a coincidence. The quote counter is in fact working but thank you for the note!
Posted by: bigtuna     February 21st, 2008
you're so cool cooldude
Posted by: marc     March 7th, 2008
Thanks for pointing that out!
Posted by: marc     March 8th, 2008
Posted by: bigtuna     March 12th, 2008
You should've we could've made an alliance about big things.

that's what she said.
Posted by: marc     March 26th, 2008
Check out the new width!
Posted by: marc     April 10th, 2008
Haha that that took me a minute, but it's sorting "Last Added" quotes at the top of the page, first. I'll have to think of something more clear.
Posted by: marc     April 16th, 2008
The cd is titled "The Hunted". Even better eh? I've wanted to put trivia in... a lot of work though. We'll see!
Posted by: marc     May 1st, 2008
Can't wait for tonight's episode. Hope to see you in the Conference Room! :) Cheers m8
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