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Date Joined: April 19th, 2008

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i think kevin is awesome

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Posted in Season 3 - Business School May 5th, 2008
jim's vamp imitation is excellent
Posted in Season 4 - Fun Run April 20th, 2008
ive never heard of that it was so weird
Posted in Season 4 - Fun Run April 20th, 2008
so many things to comment on 1)5k is 5000 miles! 2) so happy for ryan and i hope that he becomes as obnoxious to michael as possible 3) stanley first line is brilliant 4) what is we're fine 5) jealously amongst angela's cats 6) michael throws daryll out the window 7) stanley's second line is amazing 8) occasionally i'll hit someone with my car

an amazing start to an excellent season
Posted in Season 3 - Back from Vacation April 20th, 2008
Jan is a psycho
Posted in Season 2 - The Dundies April 20th, 2008
neighbor hangs himself over a trophy? Only the office could make that work

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Posted by: sw33tsocc3rplay     May 5th, 2008
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