The Office Season 2 - The Dundies

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remuslupin93 March 14th, 2008
+1 vote
I wish I could have won a dundie!
dunderball33 March 21st, 2008
+1 vote
I have a dundie! It is probably my most treasured possession. I keep it on my desk to look at all day
iluvjim22 April 15th, 2008
+1 vote
omg...i love how michael made up all those dumb lyrics
sw33tsocc3rplay April 20th, 2008
+1 vote
neighbor hangs himself over a trophy? Only the office could make that work
LordRupertEverton August 4th, 2008
+1 vote
Watched this episode last night (I'm watching them in order to prepare for the dvds coming out next month). Anyway has anyone actually had a dundie type of award show? We did wwith my family we called them the Lovelies, one of the most memorable was mr stirs the pot cuz my brother likes to cook and he likes to stir up controversy
trayy August 19th, 2008
+3 votes
I love when Pam gets drunk. and then she kisses Jim. oh, and when she was gonna tell him her feelings before she got in Angela's car.
man, i was so AH about it.
clovitycloover January 31st, 2010
+2 votes
I liked how when the guys made Michael uncomfortable, Pam made him keep going, and I guess I just like the fact that the Office is all together and they look out for each other at times.
clovitycloover February 2nd, 2010
+1 vote
i love how when Pam kissed Jim, she thought nothing about it, and he was happy for the rest of the night. Pam was so funny when she was drunk
erinerinfalk September 4th, 2010
+1 vote
i 'liked' practically all of these quotes. "the dundies" is one of my favorite episodes and these quotes made me crack up(:
beermestrength January 1st, 2011
+1 vote
I feel god in this chilis haha. i liked the kiss :) and bushiest beaver omg...
lulublue97 May 3rd, 2011
0 votes
I don't want to know why Michael thinks Phyllis is bushy.......where's season 1?
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