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Real Name: Jake


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Date Joined: December 8th, 2010

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Ok is it just me, or is Erin really cute?

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Posted in Season 7 - PDA February 10th, 2011
masturbation? haha didn't think that reference was allowed on tv.
Posted in Season 7 - Andy's Play January 24th, 2011
oh my gosh....creed phoning in the review...oh and andy's little tirade after the phone thing..."you spend time alone! but your a barber so thats legit" hahaha
Posted in Season 7 - Sex Ed January 24th, 2011
you mean Ass-Turd? haha
Posted in Season 7 - Sex Ed January 24th, 2011
Hahahaha it's not exactly hard right now anyway....but anyway, we need to check these quotes better. it's not "and thats how he led a nation" it's "this is how he led a nation". and on the genitalia quote, the word 'genitalia' is spelled 2 different ways. and they're both wrong. haha
Posted in Season 7 - Costume Contest January 24th, 2011
dude, not gonna lie, angela was effing hot. like, usually she's not too attractive, but she wasn't messing around there :)

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