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Real Name: Josie


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Date Joined: November 16th, 2010

About Me

OMG! I love the Office! watch it ever day and night and know every single episode ALIVE! :) OFFICE:)

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Posted in Season 4 - Branch Wars November 16th, 2010
I loved that episode because Dwight saying "The eyes are the groin of the head" LOL :) Dwight:)
Posted in Season 3 - Safety Training November 16th, 2010
Love it! I say that all the time to my friends:) Dwight and Michael are so funny! If Michael,Dwight,or Jim left The Office i would cry
Posted in Season 4 - Fun Run November 16th, 2010
Lol:) Michael doesn't think and get it like when he said "We are gonna need youtube to come out and film this one episode!"
Posted in Season 2 - Sexual Harassment November 16th, 2010
If Michael had to stop saying "That's what she said" Idk how he could get through life?!?
Posted in Season 4 - Fun Run November 16th, 2010
OMG i love it:P Michael sometimes doesn't get

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Posted by: palindrome258     December 3rd, 2010
hi josie!!!!
Posted by: naturescandy     December 5th, 2010
hello Hannah:)
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