The Office Season 2 - Sexual Harassment

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iluvjim22 April 15th, 2008
+3 votes
i love when jim's like prowoking michael 2 say that's what she said
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WVUMntneerJim April 17th, 2008
+2 votes
This episode was also the real debut of Todd Packer... one of my favorites!

"What's up, Halpert? Still queer?"
sw33tsocc3rplay April 19th, 2008
+3 votes
i cannot stand todd packer but its weird to see someone that is obviously worse than michael
libby28791 June 9th, 2008
+3 votes
Hahaha, when Michael walks out of his office with the doll, while Pam and her mum are at reception. That's a classic moment.
nikimcn July 26th, 2009
+1 vote
I love this episode!
clovitycloover January 31st, 2010
+1 vote
I loved when Jim introduced his office relationship as the doll, and when he gets Michael to say "That's what she said" and laughs. Also I think Jan is a little less angry-looking around Michael in this episode, because she laughs a tiny bit and smiles a little more often.
lovefunmarie March 9th, 2010
+1 vote
todd is soo stupid he is way worst than micheal and like does nothing funny really.
lomax April 29th, 2010
+1 vote
so let me get this straight, packer cant pass a breathalyser, and he sexually harrasses everyone incessantly! no wonder he has'nt made an appearance since s2, he would probably have been fired, but he was a funny character
erinerinfalk September 4th, 2010
+1 vote
i miss todd packer! i think its so funny how michael looks up to him and everyone else is just rolling their eyes. also i love how michael constantly harasses toby. "he's technically not a part of his family either." lol!
naturescandy November 16th, 2010
+1 vote
If Michael had to stop saying "That's what she said" Idk how he could get through life?!?
beermestrength January 1st, 2011
+1 vote
this is a dirty episode. i'm amazed they got it to air. but its hilarious
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