The Office Season 1 - Pilot

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bigtuna February 12th, 2008
+2 votes
This episode is such an instant classic - so many memorable quotes and such a great introduction to the characters.
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marc February 12th, 2008
0 votes
It is so very nostalgic to go back and watch Season 1 - Episode 1!
iluvjim22 April 18th, 2008
0 votes
i love how michael calls jan hilary rodham clinton...haa
LordRupertEverton May 2nd, 2008
0 votes
Has anyone seen the BBC version of the office? I love both versions. There are a lot of these quotes that come straight from the pilot of the UK office. great stuff
trayy August 19th, 2008
0 votes
why is there quotes from other episodes in here? sorry, it just totally confused me.
IndianaNinja September 25th, 2008
0 votes
Yeah, why are there quotes from other episodes? Please take them off! It's confusing..
clovitycloover January 31st, 2010
0 votes
I love how Jim put Dwight's stapler in the Jello. Now, every time I think of that, I still laugh out loud and have to stop myself.
erinerinfalk September 4th, 2010
0 votes
this is really poorly organized. lolz anyone who's ever watched the office should know that there's something out of place when erin is in season 1. please fix it.
Lindsayisme7 July 11th, 2012
0 votes
My favorite episode is the stress relief. I started crying I was laughing SO hard!! :.)..'..'
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