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Real Name: Libby


Date Joined: April 13th, 2008

About Me

I'm addicted to The Office. I've got the first two seasons, and part one of season three, which I watch over and over, and I can't wait for the second part of the third season and the fourth one to be released here in Australia!!!! I'm also part of Team Jam, I love Jim and Pam, they're so cute!
Anywho, I'll shush now...

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Posted in Season 2 - The Fight June 9th, 2008
I love how Jim has Dwight's belt, and when he gives it back he's like 'Good. And it absolutely is a toy. Arigato.' Soooo cute.
And the whole Michael knowing a bunch of 14 yr old girls is classic too.
Michael : I know a bunch of 14 yr old girls who could kick Dwight's ass.
Jim : You know a bunch of 14 yr old girls?
Dwight : What belt are they?
Posted in Season 2 - The Client June 9th, 2008
The whole Michael Scarn thing cracks me up!
Posted in Season 2 - Email Surveillance June 9th, 2008
I love Jim and Michael's duet. Pure sexiness.
Posted in Season 1 - Diversity Day June 9th, 2008
Hahaha I love how Stanley has 'Black' on his forehead.
And when Pam goes, 'Ok, based on stereotypes that are completely untrue and that I do not believe; you may not be a very good driver.'
And Dwight goes, 'Oh man! Am I a woman?'
Posted in Season 2 - The Fire June 9th, 2008
And and and when they're playing Who Would You Do? and Jim's like 'Kevin. He's got that whole teddy bear thing going on, and afterwards we could watch bowling.' and then Michael goes 'I'd definitely have sex with Ryan.' And Roy bursts out laughing and says 'You're all gay!'

Sooo funny

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