The Office Season 2 - The Client

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iluvjim22 April 16th, 2008
+1 vote
i love the part when michael is singing the baby back ribs song
libby28791 June 9th, 2008
0 votes
The whole Michael Scarn thing cracks me up!
chris246 August 20th, 2008
0 votes
One of my all time fav episodes. One of my favorite quotes is missing though -

Dwight walks into Michael's office. "Did you do her?"

"Who?" "Jan Levinson-Gould"

"No. No. No Gould." Always cracks me up.
clovitycloover February 2nd, 2010
0 votes
I love how Jim and Pam go on their first date... even if Jim was kidding, it's sweet. And Michael Scarn. And the Baby-Back-Ribs song, that was so funny.
erinerinfalk September 4th, 2010
0 votes
i love how dwight found out he was the stupid assistant after all lolz
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