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Real Name: lynduh


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Date Joined: February 25th, 2008

About Me

uh, i will start with the obvious... the office rocks my socks!!!

5 Latest Comments

Posted in Season 4 - Branch Wars March 14th, 2008
OMG the moustaches... enough said!!!
Posted in Season 3 - Gay Witch Hunt February 26th, 2008
over these years they obviously have had to tame themselves and expect the unexpected with good ol steve carell... i know i jumped out of my seat when it happened, i didnt even blink i thought i saw it wrong haha. oooh michael...
Posted in Season 2 - Casino Night February 25th, 2008
the chemistry on screen between pam and jim is magical. when i watched this episode for the first time, i watched the ending over again at least 5 times in hopes that i missed pam telling jim she loved him too. damn them!!!

Inbox (Comments from other users)

Posted by: marc     February 26th, 2008
Hey iheartjim! I saw a post you made.. did you need any help with the site?
Posted by: dunderball33     February 26th, 2008
If you need any help with anything... just ask!
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