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Date Joined: March 14th, 2008

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Just another fan of The Office.

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Posted in Season 4 - Survivor Man March 14th, 2008
I think, unless you are a fan of the Survivor Man series (which I do happen to like) some of it falls flat. But they did a perfect job of mimicking the show.
Posted in Season 4 - Local Ad March 14th, 2008
And Pam's logo -- just awesome! Actually, it was nice seeing Jim acknowledge it without any jealousy. So far the writers haven't taken the easy way of making Jim mad at Pam for her success.
Posted in Season 4 - Money March 14th, 2008
Personally, I loved seeing Michael doing sales.
Posted in Season 4 - Launch Party March 14th, 2008
I always think of The Office now when I see that screen saver. I wonder how long they had to wait to get it to work, or if it was preprogrammed to go off at a certain time.
Posted in Season 4 - Fun Run March 14th, 2008
I think that was the best season opener yet -- and they did a great job of keeping it a surprise. It was such a shock to hear the "THUMP" and see Meredith roll off the trunk.

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