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Real Name: Jim


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Date Joined: February 13th, 2008

About Me

Huge fan of the show, mainly Michael.

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Posted in Season 5 - Crime Aid October 24th, 2008
If you've noticed, Wallace is actually awesome towards Michael... so, I think he might be easy on the Michael-Holly thing...
Posted in Season 4 - Goodbye Toby May 15th, 2008
I guess we can truly say that RYAN STARTED THE FIRE!!!
Posted in Season 4 - Did I Stutter May 3rd, 2008
Posted in Season 4 - Did I Stutter May 2nd, 2008
Well, yeah, he did just have a bitter breakup with Jan... LOL

I'm a fan of Michael regardless of whether he's rude and nasty or funny and childish.
Posted in Season 4 - Did I Stutter May 1st, 2008
Michael actually showed a serious side for the first time in ages at the office...

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Posted by: marc     February 25th, 2008
Thanks for quote correction! :)
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