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Just another fan of The Office.

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Posted in Season 6 - The Lover October 26th, 2009
When I watched this episode during it's air time, I wasn't really into it, but then I watched it again today online and I loved it! I normally feel bad for Toby when Michael mistreats him, but when Jim and Michael both snapped at him, I had to laugh. I wonder what Dwight could be up to with his "surveiling" of Jim. And man oh man, I love Creed and his randomness with crying when Jim played the music.
Posted in Season 6 - The Lover October 26th, 2009
Haha! That's what I was reminded of, too! I literally LOL'd when Pam kept asking Michael "Who is it?" and then Michael would give her the "hinting" look and he just said "it's ok Pam".
Posted in Season 5 - Prince Family Paper January 23rd, 2009
hahah the semi-sweet quote had me going for a while!...and good episode in the epicness that is season 5!

anyways, is it me or was there no andy/angela/dwight conflict in the show?
Posted in Season 5 - The Duel January 16th, 2009 was a good episode last night x]. It was a good episode to start the 2009 year with! I really did feel bad for Andy when he finally had the news broken to him. At first, when Dwight and Angela were having their affair, I was really cheering for Dwight. But after last night, I just felt bad for Andy. Good episode though and good stuff for the Scranton branch outdoing all the other branches, haha.
Posted in Season 5 - Frame Toby November 21st, 2008
haha when it was the officer part, i actually thought toby was gonna get arrested and i was thinking that they went too far with how much michael hates

and also, dwight's comment about "a good day - i'm wearing my mustard shirt"...i thought the mustard shirt is what he wear on a bad day (reference to the customer review episode)....

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