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Real Name: Sallie

Date Joined: November 30th, 2008

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Just another fan of The Office.

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Loved the whole Ryan and Pam bickering angle, and how Michael was complaining to his mom about them. That was priceless. Ryan still hasn't made a sale yet! Pam beat him.
Posted in Season 5 - Dream Team April 11th, 2009
I loved this episode. It was realistic. Michael's meltdown and then later Pam's meltdown. I am really not liking how Charles is treating Jim. Jim just looks so lost right now, its so sad. I am hoping its going to shape up to some kind of build up. And I do really want to smack Ryan.
Posted in Season 5 - Lecture Circuit Part 2 February 13th, 2009
I want to be part of Jim and Dwight's party planning committee. They had some great ideas for parties. I would kill to have either an hour nap or an hour of tv at my hour to celebrate my birthdayl. I even told my boss about it today and she was on board with it. I couldn't stop laughing thorughout the entire episode.
Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief February 2nd, 2009
Since Jim used the copier to try to get out does that mean that they finally get to get a new one???? That was an awesome episode.
Posted in Season 5 - The Duel January 18th, 2009
I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire empisode. It was classic "The Office" from start to end. The were so many funny moments that it should have been an hour long episode so the deleted scenes could have been inluded, because those were even hysterical. But the best part had to be was when Jim was running around the office looking for Dwight's weapon stash. And we thought the UN weapons inspectors had a rough job???

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