The Office Season 7 - Classy Christmas

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dundermifflinate December 10th, 2010
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Could stand as the best Christmas episodes of the entire series. I love how dorky Michael was when he was with Holly. He was so happy! The snowball fight was great and Jim was really "frazzled" with those snowmen!
jshah88101 December 10th, 2010
+1 vote
Ha, yeah that episode was kickass. Although, not sure I understood the whole thing about the senator being gay...
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sweathog December 10th, 2010
0 votes
Loved this episode!! Where's Stanley's quote about wanting to be picked for jury duty??
dundermifflinate December 11th, 2010
0 votes
Submit it yourself and we'll add it :)
jennafee2323 December 14th, 2010
0 votes
I want the quote where Michael thanks the Scranton Stranger for bringing Holly back!
Kel February 10th, 2011
0 votes
Great episode.
I feel bad for Daryl's daughter though, haha
"You must answer topical political questions!"
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