Why is there advertising on TOQ?

If you purchase merchandise from The Office (or any other NBC show) through links on this site, you will be supporting TheOfficeQuotes.com and its features!

Why does TheOfficeQuotes.com need support?

Personally, I would rather keep this site ad-free like it has been for a long time. However, the costs to operate this site are so high that I cannot continue to run it without your support. This page is to explain, with full-disclosure, why your support is so important to keeping this site and its features running.

This site costs me $2670 to operate per season (and even more per year.) If you're interested in how that breaks down, read on.

The biggest costs incurred from the site is not hosting it. Web hosting for a website of this size only costs me around $30/month ($360/year) and it's worth it to provide such a valuable resource to fans. The real costs come from the site features.

The Office Quotes in Your Inbox is a newsletter that is sent out every Friday morning after a new episode airs. It contains some of the best quotes from the night before, as well as trivia and other Office goodness. The cost of this: $5 + 1 cent per recipient. Sounds reasonable... until you do the math for 6000+ subscribers! Because of the sheer number of subscribers I would hate to miss a week let alone have to stop this feature all together. However, the cost of this alone is more than $1680 per season, just to send out newsletters.

TheOfficeQuotes.com's official Facebook application is tons of fun and the best part of your Facebook profile. (Although I admit my opinion might be biased.) Over 20,000 users use this application. Facebook recently introduced essentially a brand new website, which meant Facebook applications ran completely different and needed serious updates to their backend code. I have only limited experience in PHP and was not able to get the application working properly. Because of the huge number of fans who would loose out, I could not let the application remain broken. I hired a developer to fix the application for me... costing a whopping $750.

How to support the site

Donations can be made to the site through PayPal if you're satisfied in only receiving a warm fuzzy feeling in return. Like I said above though, if you're shopping for The Office merchandise, just go through this site to get to the NBC Store. If you seriously haven't checked out the NBC Store you're in for a treat. It's filled with a huge number of high quality items, including props from episodes (like the Dwight Bobblehead and Dwight Text Art T-Shirt) as well as unique stuff like The Office trivia games.

Who runs TheOfficeQuotes.com?

My name is Marc Tytus. I am a Canadian university student who is a ridiculously big fan of The Office. I was immediately hooked after my brother showed me a recording of Diversity Day shortly after it aired. This was my kind of show!

With all the hilarious quotes, there was no place to go to find a list of the funniest ones. Totally unacceptable. Anyway, three years later and here were are. I have a part-time job in addition to school and running this site (which feels like a full-time job.) As you can imagine, I simply cannot afford to run this site from my personal funds which is why I wrote this absurdly long piece explaining my situation.

If you would like to contact me, you can email theofficequotes@gmail.com, which redirects mail to my personal account. If you or your company is interested in reaching a huge number of people through sponsoring the website, the newsletter or the Facebook application, contact me for more information.

Thanks for reading,

Marc Tytus

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