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Date Joined: April 20th, 2008

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Just another fan of The Office.

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Posted in Season 4 - Did I Stutter May 1st, 2008
I was laughing out loud non stop for the first part of that ep! Stanley scared the crap outta me!
Posted in Season 4 - Did I Stutter May 1st, 2008
Half an hour away in my time zone--Anything JAM makes my night :D
Posted in Season 4 - Night Out April 24th, 2008
Ryan with a drug problem.. who was surprised? Ok, I was a little. Michael was great help though haha!
Posted in Season 4 - Chair Model April 21st, 2008
Hey Paul Faust...Just signed up to tell you my whole family thought the five families bit was hilarious! You were super cool on that motorcycle :D

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