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Date Joined: February 14th, 2008

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Just another fan of The Office.

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Posted in Season 5 - Stress Relief February 6th, 2009
Angela's cat going through the ceiling tiles

The episode could have ended there and I would've been more than happy
Posted in Season 5 - Customer Survey November 6th, 2008
how many of us stick around after the office for 30 rock?
Posted in Season 5 - Crime Aid October 25th, 2008
I noticed that too! Kelly always adds some really great material to the show and I've always been a fan of her role. Give us more Kelly.
Posted in Season 5 - Weight Loss September 26th, 2008
I have a gripe with Ryan's 9/11 quote
Arrested Development already did something really similar and it was much, much better.

"As you may or may not know, Lindsay and I have hit a bit of a rough patch. Well, I don%u2019t want to blame it all on 9/11, but it certainly didn%u2019t help."
Posted in Season 4 - Goodbye Toby May 16th, 2008
I never really considered the idea that Jim and Pam could call it quits next season - the finale left me thinking that they could

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Posted by: marc     October 26th, 2008
Thankkkk you. ;)
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