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Real Name: Kyle

Date Joined: May 13th, 2008

About Me

I am a HUGE office fan! I can never get enough! I've seen every episode at least 5 times... I think i have a problem:)

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Posted in Season 4 - Goodbye Toby May 30th, 2008
ya kelly's quote was good but i can't remember how the wording was either... but on to bigger matters... what r we goin to do 4 the next 4 months??!! this is goin 2 b hard, i hope i can depend on you all 4 support! lol
Posted in Season 4 - Fun Run May 13th, 2008
i don't even know how many times ive watched this episode!! i love it! every time i see michael hit meredith with the car i loose it! "with the energy we r using to keep meredith alive we could power a small fan 4 2 days... u tell me whats unethical..." i love it!
Posted in Season 4 - Goodbye Toby May 13th, 2008
im def goin 2 miss toby but im excited about a woman hr rep! i mean imagin how inappropriate michael was infront of toby i can't wait to c how much trouble he can get into with her!! oh and i really really hope jim and pam don't get engaged! the relationship is so new to all of us since season 4 wasn't 23 episodes, i want more time with the datting relationship bc im not sure how long they can keep up the funnyness of the show if their married...

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