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Date Joined: February 17th, 2008

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"Hey I'm serious. It's happening. And when it happens, it's going to kick your ass Beesly. So, stay sharp." Jim Halpart

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Posted in Season 1 - Hot Girl September 14th, 2008
i love the whole scene when jim is imitating dwight buying the purse...hilarious!
Posted in Season 4 - Chair Model May 28th, 2008
i absolutely agree with dinolover2..though it makes me sad. i mean, seriously, if jim and pam did get married it just would not be the same. it's way more fun to have these little surprises and to see them flirting than if they were actually married, even though they are perfect together :D i freaked out too when he had the ring (so cute!) but the more i think about it, i think something is going to happen too.
Posted in Season 3 - A Benihana Christmas March 25th, 2008
i love it when michael forgets which girl is his girlfriend, so he has to mark her with a sharpie..haha
Posted in Season 2 - Casino Night March 24th, 2008
I know..when I was watching that episode for the first time and Jim told Pam he was in love with her, I started freaking out...I actually started crying! It was amazing how much emotion I felt for these can't get much purer than that
Posted in Season 3 - Diwali March 23rd, 2008
that is great! and did anyone else think that michael's song at the end was hilarious? because i definitely laughed for a good while about that...haha

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