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paulHin March 12th, 2008
0 votes
I do believe that the Michael-directed commercial is the best of its kind. I almost went out and bought two reems just 'cause it was that good.
bigtuna March 12th, 2008
0 votes
I agree that it was a great commercial, this was one of those rare moments where you understand how Micheal made it to his management position
di32 March 14th, 2008
0 votes
And Pam's logo -- just awesome! Actually, it was nice seeing Jim acknowledge it without any jealousy. So far the writers haven't taken the easy way of making Jim mad at Pam for her success.
dunderball33 March 21st, 2008
0 votes
I feel like I need to create Michael's original idea for the commercial
iluvjim22 April 13th, 2008
0 votes
OMG! i cant believe that dunder mifflin didn't LOVE their ad! it was so good. i love the part when dwight's holding the sign that says "you've got a don and it's me" SO good
JaydeLynn08 January 6th, 2010
0 votes
one of the first epidodes watched.. made me fall in love with The Office :) been happy since
duncankirk February 6th, 2011
0 votes
this is mike tyson!
ilovedwight8 July 8th, 2011
0 votes
"You have a son, and it's me." LMAO! If she gave birth to him, how would she not know that she had a son? Oh, Michael. Wonderful writing.
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