The Office Season 3 - Ben Franklin

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iluvjim22 April 13th, 2008
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i love when michael's like "its a GAY!"
libby28791 April 13th, 2008
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Oh god this ep is classic!!!!!
Ben Franklin is just hilarious....
"Do you wear boxers, briefs, or pantaloons?"
"Aye, you're a saucy one!"
kiwi April 22nd, 2008
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I love how Dwight is only 99% sure that he's not the real Ben Franklin! LOL
libby28791 June 9th, 2008
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Hahaha I also love how Michael's talking about Ben Franklin being president, and the guys like, 'I was never president.' and Michael whispers 'But Ben Franklin was.'

And when Ben's hitting on Pam, and she goes 'Didn't Ben Franklin have syphillis?' and he goes 'But I don't.'

Rofl rofl
squevesadova February 26th, 2010
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where's michael's "are you wearing a thong?" quote? that's like the best one of the episode.
smv216 May 14th, 2010
0 votes
how about Dwight firing questions at Ben Franklin? those were the best haha

Dwight: Are you near-sighted or far-sighted?
Ben Franklin: Both, which is why I invented the bifocal.
duncankirk February 6th, 2011
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i always thought it was "secret secrets are no fun; secret secrets hurt someone." like the secretiveness describes the secrets. what do strippers know anyway...
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