The Office Season 2 - Valentine's Day

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99pickle February 22nd, 2008
+1 vote
I'm the bobblehead!
It's so cute how excited he gets
finerthingsclub March 10th, 2008
+1 vote
I love the fact that Phyllis gets the most love (by far) out of anybody else in the office. Too often she is overlooked and takes so much abuse.
iluvjim22 April 17th, 2008
+1 vote
i love when michael is in the subway and he's like omg theres a guy pooping in a cardboard box down there...and it sux that pam and jim only talked 2 each other in the last 2 seconds... :(
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sw33tsocc3rplay April 20th, 2008
+2 votes
that teddy bear was enormous, go phyllis!
akaisoras February 13th, 2009
0 votes
can someone tell me the song they played for michael's office presentation?
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ilovedwight8 July 8th, 2011
+1 vote
No, not like a ham. Why would she mean a ham? Oh, Dwight. Only you.
ilovedwight8 July 14th, 2011
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Also - Jan is wearing FAR too much makeup in this episode. Sheesh.
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