The Office Season 1 - Basketball

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turkins838 February 27th, 2008
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This is probably one of the better episodes with some really great quotes. This really showed the potential the office had an the show then took off. So definitely watch this episode.
goldthwaiteofficefan March 6th, 2008
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its hilarious how michael automatically assumes stanley can play basketball
trayy August 19th, 2008
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I feel bad for Jim at then end when Pam and Roy are talking about getting into a tub.
clovitycloover January 31st, 2010
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I listened to the commentary and John Krasinski(Jim) said that when Michael said, "Yeah, just try not to be too gay on the court!", Jim's surprised reaction was actually his real reaction. I liked how it still was natural for Jim, and John fits into his character perfectly.
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dwightrules January 10th, 2012
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Great episode and wow okay this one made me completely love Jim and im sorry but dang he looked good in this one!!its also so sad to see Michael play basketbally. i was like *SOMEONE MAKE HIM STOP!*
darryldabest May 21st, 2012
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i said to my nerdy friend ben, "that dwarf from lord of the rings is UGLY!" he was like "gimli! duh do u know anything about literature?" i was like "i just watched the movie"
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