If you're reading this, you haven't overdosed on tryptophan. If that's the case, you're able to take advantage of some rediculous Black Friday Deals from Amazon.com!
You can buy Season 1 of The Office for 9 Bucks! That's 70% off. Or season 2 of The Office: It's 72% off selling for $14! Season 3 is also only $14... lowest prices I've ever seen... Season 4 of the fantastic show The Office is 40% off at $29.99! 30 bucks!
Have you checked out the Ultimate Package-- that's what she said. It's on sale for 37% off and contains seasons one thru four.
Sorry. Those are the best deals I could find. I'll try harder next year. If you're interested in more Office fun, click here to jump to TheOfficeQuotes.com. The promo for next week's episode is posted, as are all the quotes from last week's episode. Caio!

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