Countdown to The Office
As hermyfan posted in our Conference Room for tonight's episode, "The Office is our main event, and the Super Bowl is our pre-game show." Stress Relief will air directly after the Super Bowl and the episode has had some fantastic reviews.

I'm busy getting the newsletter ready to go out tomorrow morning (so you can look forward to Monday morning.) If you haven't signed up for The Office Quotes in Your Inbox, sign up below on this page. Woo! An HOUR LONG episode! Can't wait!

Check out GMMR's "Super Bowl Touchdown" article for episode trivia and a few sneak peaks into the episode, but make sure to return to TOQ to leave your comments in the Stress Relief Conference Room! Remember, you have to be signed in to vote for quotes and chat in the Conference Rooms. For reasons WHY to register for free, click here!
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