Question. Is there an epsiode of The Office this week?
Answer: No! The next episode of The Office is this Sunday, showing right after the Superbowl! And it's going to be worth the wait.

The one-hour special looks hilarious from all the promotional footage that has been released (see the link below for that) and the episode features Jessica Alba and Jack Black. (They are carefully and smarty woven into the episode.)

This should do fantastic things for The Office, as the episode, "Stress Relief", will reach the largest audience the show has ever had. I'm sure it will be successful in creating a few million more fans, which will keep the show going strong for many years to come!

Check out GMMR's "Super Bowl Touchdown" article for episode trivia and a few sneak peaks into the episode, but make sure to return to TOQ to leave your comments in the Stress Relief Conference Room!

The repeat episode airing tonight is Season 5's Business Ethics.
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