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Question: I'm looking for a juicy Jim/Pam Office spoiler. Can you help me please? -- Kayla
Ausiello: I can indeed. A radiant Jenna Fischer told me at Sunday's Golden Globes that there are "some big Jim and Pam moments" in the post-Super Bowl episode on Feb. 1. "Pam gets some news that's pretty shocking, and it's something she and Jim have to deal with together," she teases. Speaking of the biggest Office episode in history, Fischer confesses that she's a little freaked out about it. "I'm nervous. It's so much pressure. We've always been able to fly under the radar; people find us slowly. This is, like, a big spotlight on all of us and on the show, and I'm more comfortable with less attention rather than more." Fischer can relax. Rainn Wilson told me the episode was aces, and Rainn Wilson doesn't lie. Speaking of which, scroll down to end of the column to see the fun little video I made with Wilson and his fellow Office mates at the Globes. I did it on this thing called a Flip Cam. All the cool kids are using it.
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