They're making us wait...
As more fans of The Office will know, we're occasionally stuck with moderate gaps between new episodes. (Maybe that's standard with more NBC shows-- I don't watch many other shows!)

If you're desperate for more Season 5 action sooner than that, you might not have already downloaded the season premiere on iTunes. By the way, the NBC Store is currently having a sale but in addition to that they have also added a cool new ASCII art shirt of Dwight (the one that Pam made in the season premiere!) Check out the NBC official Office store!

The next episode is Business Ethics (episode 68 overall) and it airs October 9th. From NBC: Following Ryan's recent scandal at corporate, Holly must hold a business ethics seminar. The meeting gets out of control when Michael lets everyone speak freely about their unethical behavior at work. Meanwhile, Jim makes Dwight comply with the company's "time theft" policy.

Don't forget there's always discussion in the episode Conference Rooms!
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