Michael Scott Rumored To Be Making An Appearance?
The Office has begun to introduce us to the documentary crew, finally! This is one of the more exciting parts of this "farewell" season of The Office. We can expect some more plot development having to do with the crew, and I definitely hope that near the end of the season we get a bit of a jump in time to allow us to see how The Office employees react to seeing themselves on film with the "documentary" is finally released. This is how the original show, "The Office", the UK version, originally ended. As you could expect, depending on the person, this may be more or less humiliating and depressing, so perhaps we won't end up seeing that sort of end on the US version of the show.

Most fans, no doubt, are also eagerly expecting a visit from the old office manager, Michael Scott, to make an appearance before the show's end.

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