Exclusive interview with Paul Faust!
There has been a lot of chatter among fans about a certain cool guy named Paul, who plays one of the "five families" in last week’s episode of The Office. Cool Guy Paul Faust was happy to provide me with an awesome interview for A lot of fans have been asking for details about the actor who plays Paul and speculating about future story lines for the new characters seen in last week's episode. I think this Paul Faust Q&A will clear things up! Enjoy!

The article linked above isn't set up to enable discussion, but you can post your comments on the Chair Model discussion page. (Sorry, you will have to register to post.) If you have any words for Paul though, I'm sure he'll read them there!

PS: Also check out the introduction to the Five Families of Scranton Business Park if you missed it. It's been an exciting and busy week!
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