Dunder Mifflin goes to the dogs... or the Nard-Dog, to be exact
Jim: "The search committee finally decided after a lot of deliberation on Robert California for the manager position... who took one look around... and left. He drove down to Florida and convinced Jo to make him CEO. CEO. Her own job. He talked her out of her own job and I don't really know how someone does that... But, anyway, then the position was his to fill, and he chose..."

Andy Bernard! "True, I may have been the second choice... but I was the first choice's first choice!"

What a season opener, huh? Andy is regional manager... Both Pam and Angela are pregnant... so much planking!

Next week's episode, "The Incentive", will find new manager Andy with a tough task of finding ways to boost staff morale after CEO Robert California wants to double the sales. Can he do it? Find out next Thursday!
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