The Search Committee, Season 7 Finale
Has it really been a full season? It seems like only yesterday that it was the Fall, and it seems like only a month ago that Michael Scott was still sitting in that desk.

In the hour-long episode, Jim, Gabe, and Toby have been assigned as the search committee. They'll have to go through several outside candidates (guest stars Will Arnet, James Spader, Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, Ray Romano, Jim Carrey, and Warren Buffett) as well as some familiar faces like Darryl, Andy, and of course, Dwight "Schnoote" Schrute. But will any of them make the cut?

In extra exciting news, The Office has been renewed again for its eighth season this coming Fall. They'll return with their sacred 9pm slot on Thursdays on NBC.
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