The Post-Michael Scott Era Begins for The Office
What will Dunder Mifflin be like now that Michael Scott has left? The post-Michael Scott Era begins now...

Tonight's episode, "The Inner Circle", will be Will Ferrell's last episode. Now this can be disappointing news to some, or good news to others. No matter what our opinions were about Deangelo Vickers, let's just remember that Will came to show not to take over or steal the spotlight, but to help the transition of Michael's exit. We can all appreciate that, right?

After this episode. there is only one episode left until the hour-long season finale (May 19th) with guest stars including Will Arnet, Ray Romano, James Spader, Ricky Gervais, and Jim Carrey!

In related news, Jo Bennet (Kathy Bates) is scheduled to appear in next week's episode!

The Office is all new this May!
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