"Night Out" Story Line Revealed
First off, thanks for having a little fun with on April 1st. In case you still haven't realized it was April Fools Day. The prank had a few mixed reactions, maybe a little bit of disbelief and confusion, but I think most fans really enjoyed it. Anyway, on to some real news!

We now know the title and synopsis for the eleventh episode of Season 4 (or the third episode of post-strike The Office.) The episode is titled "Night Out".

I won't post the synopsis here in case you don't like reading spoilers (I know I don't.) Check all of Season 4 out on Wikipedia.

Here's the post-strike season recap:

1. "Dinner Party" -- April 10
2. "Parking" -- April 17
3. "Night Out" -- April 24 [photos]
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