Casual Friday on a Thursday
This week's episode, "Casual Friday" was written by Anthony Farrell and directed by Brent Forrester. It's the 24th episode of the season which means there are only two new episodes left for this season after this one. Come together to enjoy the last few episodes of The Office... it's always hard to imagine the long summer without the show until it's actually here.

You might have seen a tweet from @TheOfficeQuotes on Twitter this week. I'll be working on a huge site overhaul this summer and I'd really like to hear what you'd like to see on the new site. Some features coming include more details for each episode and commenting for every quote. I'm hoping to build the interaction in our community and look forward to what you think would increase that.

Check out the quotes from Casual Friday on The Office and continue the discussion in the episode's Conference Room!
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