Three great sites to visit DURING The Office
If you're a multi-tasker you might find yourself with one eye on your computer and the other on the tv while your favorite shows, like The Office, are airing. (Whether or not it's humanly possible, I'm sure Dwight would claim he could do it.) Below I've listed some great sites that are highly active during an episode of The Office. Disclaimer: I only visit these sites during commercial breaks. Unless you're new to The Office, you should already know that every second has something for you to love. (Yep, the writers are that good.)

If you choose to access this sites while Office content is actually on your tv, well, you do so at your own risk. Here are three great sites that just might be worth the risk:

1) I started checking out Twitter during the commercials of the Superbowl special. If you search for #TheOffice, you're treated to real-time reactions to the episode and people tweeting out their favorite quotes. Tweets are really short posts and it's hard to expect a timely response if you want to message someone directly, but it's a entertaining live feed of conversations about The Office.

2) Another Twitter page to check out is Mindy Kaling's Twitter profile. She posts comments about the show, in-character as Kelly, live! She just started doing this a couple of episodes ago and she hasn't made too many comments yet. Hopefully tonight we'll be treated to another little snippet of Kelly Kapoor.

3) The LiveJournal community for The Office is made up of a ton of dedicated fans of the show. The moderators create posts for anyone to discuss the episode of the evening in both East-coast and West-coast time zones. On any night, anyone is welcome to post Office-related news or conversation so it's definitely a great place to check out any time.

4!) No post on would be complete without a plug for this site, so another page I encourage you to check out is our episode Conference Rooms. I'm considering a site redesign to make the episode discussion easier to access, but right now we have a small community of posters and are always looking for more fans to come in and post. To access the episode Conference Rooms, click the episode on the left then Comments at the top of the page. Of course another reason to check out TOQ is that I stay up very late on Thursday nights to get all the best quotes posted and as well to format "The Office Quotes in Your Inbox" newsletter that is sent our Friday mornings. Sign up for that on the homepage.

Well that's it for sites to visit while an episode is airing. I prefer not to blink while watching The Office but some of us are more talented multi-taskers. Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback for this site I would really love to hear it! Click the Contact link to send me an email on the right.

PS: Follow TheOfficeQuotes on twitter and if you are so inclined, you can even follow me personally too! ;-)
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